Major On Deck – The Raid


Major On Deck aka Ace Major of the Flo Dawgs hits the streets hard with his first solo release, The Raid.

Track Listing

1. The Introduction
2. X Speaks
3. Gutta Shit (feat. Shorty Roc)
4. I Ain’t Braggin
5. There She Go
6. It’s On
7. Catch A Play
8. ADG’s Speaks
9. Fedz Freestyle (feat. Shorty Roc)
10. 1st Time
11. Get Dat Money (feat. MAN & Harrass)
12. On My Job
13. Intermission
14. Focused
15. Fry Paccini Speaks
16. The Realest
17. Stop Trippin (feat. Young Savant)
18. D-Lew Freestyle
19. High Like The Moon (feat. Paul Berra & DJ Cree)
20. I Ain’t Playin Wit Em (feat. DJ Cree, Harrass & MAN)
21. Intermission 2
22. We Got It On Lock
23. Cadillac Muzik
24. E2DaZ Freestyle
25. Keep Dreaming (feat. Stunt II)


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