T-Rock – Guest Appearances Vol. 2


Track Listing

1. Choppin’ Deals (w/ J-Green)
2. Catch A Murda Charge (w/ La Chat)
3. Ain’t Seen What I Seen (w/ Mr. Sche)
4. Get Crunk (w/ Big Ross)
5. I Got That Lava (w/ Pastor Troy & Eva Trill)
6. Say Somethin (w/ Yung Hazardus & Boss Game)
7. Fast Money (w/ Goodfellaz
8. You Ain’t Buck (Original Version) w/ Gangsta Pat & Yung Serv)
9. High As A Fool (w/ Lord Infamous & II Tone)
10. So Fly (w/ Kenfolk)
11. Dead Zone (w/ Mr. Sche, DJ Cree & Immortal Lowlife)
12. Shake Them Haters Off (w/ Smoky)
13. Put Your Guns In The Air (w/ Tear Da Club Up Thugs)
14. Ya Heard Me [Remix] (w/ Mr. Sche)
15. Y’all Ain’t Ready [Remix] (w/ Big Ross)
16. Fuck Wit Us (w/ K-Rock, C-Rock & Lil Fam)


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