T-Rock – I Grind, I Hustle

Double album featuring 30 tracks. Guest appearances by Dirty, Dayton Family, Blackout of DSGB, Mr. Sche, C-Mob and more.

Track Listing

Disc 1: I Grind

1. Wit Da Top Back
2. F*ck Da World Sh*t
3. I Grind I Hustle
4. I Blaze Up
5. Shut Sh*t Down
6. Make It Happen
7. I Don’t Love You (feat. Dirty)
8. As Long As (feat. Randy Roc)
9. Out My Mind
10. Ewing
11. Watcha Mean
12. Hurtin Em
13. It Goes Down (feat. Mr. Sche)
14. I Just Might (feat. Dayton Family & C-Mob)
15. Throw It Back
16. Hate Me When I’m Broke

Disc 2: I Hustle

1. How I Git Down
2. 100 Goons
3. Burn 1
4. A Whole Lot
5. Hit Da Pole
6. AK-47 (feat. Slikk & C-Mob)
7. Now Dey Love Me
8. Line Em Up (feat. Blackout of D.S.G.B.)
9. I Get At You (feat. Odd-1)
10. Ridin Fly
11. It’s A Trap
12. Numbers
13. Me and You
14. Gift From God


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