T-Rock – Myth of Reality: 10th Anniversary Edition


Special Tenth Anniversary Edition of T-Rock’s underground classic ‘The Myth of Reality.’ This entire album is remixed with new tracks produced by DJ Cree. Album features Lil Scrappy, C-Mob, Odd-1, Adonis The Certified Specialist, DJ Cree and Unseen (of Area 51).

Track Listing

1. Niggas [Remix] (feat. Lil Scrappy & DJ Cree)
2. Yeen Hard
3. Know Da Half (feat. C-Mob)
4. The Myth of Reality
5. Gimme Room (feat. Unseen & DJ Cree)
6. Bloodline
7. Duck Ya Grill
8. Aint Hard To Find (feat. C-Mob)
9. Whatcha Sayin’
10. Touch ‘Em (feat. Adonis The Certified Specialist)
11. Niggas (feat. Odd-1 & DJ Cree)
12. On Site (feat. Adonis The Certified Specialist & DJ Cree)
13. That’ll Work (Wanna Get Some 2)
14. Take It
15. Load It Up


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