T-Rock – Papers

CD + DVD release from T-Rock. Album features Twista, Pastor Troy, Liffy Stokes, Smoke, C-Mob, Crook Brown, Lil Tec and more.

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Track Listing

1. Papers
2. Tunnel Vision
3. Everything I Love
4. Get Down Or Lay Down
5. Clap For Me
6. Laugh To The Bank
7. No Other Way
8. Gun And A Vest
9. Blowing Big
10. I Done Did It
11. Bob Marley
12. Controlling Me
13. Eyes On The Road
14. Ya’ll Hoes
15. Money Train
16. Put That On A Bottle
17. I’m On
18. They Want Beef
19. Eddie Cane
20. Good Times

Disc 2: Papers DVD


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