T-Rock – Power Move 2


T-Rock is back once again with The Power Move II! Featuring new and exclusive tracks along with some classics, The Power Move II is guaranteed to please old fans and new fans alike.

Track Listing

1. T-Rock Speaks
2. Real Gz Up (feat. Reek of Area 51)
3. Thugg It Out
4. Hustle Hard [Remix] (feat. Mr. Sche)
5. Red N Black Chevy
6. Ya Gotta Believe (Freestyle)
7. Same Thing (feat. Nyjai, Slikk of Area 51 and C-Mob)
8. T-Rock Speaks
9. Thank What I Thank
10. Feelin It
11. Blazed Up, Blowed Out
12. Maybach Muzick (Freestyle)
13. Superthrowed (feat. Scrilla Man)
14. Eva (Freestyle)
15. Git It How I Git It (feat. Scrilla Man and Infra-Red of Area 51)
16. Run Dis Town (Freestyle)
17. Chief Chief Chief
18. Game Recognize Game (feat. Shorty Roc of Flo Dawgs)
19. Gangsta Party (feat. Area 51: Infrared, Scrilla Man)
20. Dats Swagg
21. Gone Hurt ‘Em (feat. Infra-Red)
22. Love My Whip (feat. Chamillionaire, Lord Infamous and II Tone)
23. T-Rock Speaks
24. Still Standin – Mr. Scrooge (feat. Tyrone and Ship Daddy)


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