T-Rock – Roaches N Da Ashtray


Track Listing

1. That Dirty
2. Beatin Up The Block
3. Time Is Money
4. Chiefin On Haze (Original Version)
5. T-Rock Speaks (Interlude)
6. I Got Dat – Area 51 (T-Rock, Slikk, Yung Hazardus)
7. All I See Is A (feat. Yung Hazardus)
8. Fuckin Wit Pimpin (Original Version)
9. Hate The Game (feat. C-Mob & Reek)
10. Pull Up To Da Light (Luney Tunez Remix)
11. Get My Weight Up (feat. Yung Hazardus)
12. Who Is Area 51 (Interlude)
13. Dat Gangsta Gangsta – Area 51 (T-Rock, Slikk) (feat. C-Mob)
14. Hustle Hard (feat. Mr. Sche & Yung Hazardus)
15. Mean Mug (Mossberg Remix)
16. Flossin
17. Candy Red Lac (feat. Reek)
18. Beatin Down Tha Block – Area 51 (T-Rock, Yung Hazardus, Slikk)


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